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We offer a 99.9% success guarantee on our repair service. Why not 100%? Because it is simply impossible to make this claim. There are so many unforeseen things that can go wrong during the repair. Either due to improper repair with inappropriate tools, or due to the age and rigidity of the engine. Many problems made by these examples we can still fix, but in exceptional cases it may be too late and so much damage has been made by incorrect repair methods that it is simply not doable for us. It may also be that a cylinder head, for example, cannot deliver the requested force we apply to it. Not because of an error in our calculation, but because the motor cannot handle the calculated amount of power. The atomizer is stuck with a clamping force greater than the force required to remove the atomizer from the cylinder head. This could be due to age, high mileage or corrosion/rosion, for example. In summary, there are many external factors that make a repair unnecessarily difficult or even infeasible. So with the latter fact, the 0.1% that we cannot solve applies. We are therefore forced to ask the question “have you done anything about it yourself?” before performing the service. This gives us a clear picture and reduces our chances of failure and replacing the cylinder head as a whole. At the same time, we increase the probability of a satisfied customer with this. Here we ask for your understanding.


Terms and Conditions

All contractual relations between the seller and its customers are subject to the present general conditions of sale and delivery, to the exclusion of the buyer’s general or special conditions. If the seller expressly accepts in writing the application of general or special terms and conditions of the buyer, the present terms and conditions shall continue to apply additionally.

The current general conditions of sale apply both to sales of goods, delivery of goods and for the provision of services.

Specifications and price quotations are based on currently prevailing values of wages and materials. If these undergo changes, the seller reserves the right to adjust prices proportionately.
The method of delivery is provided by way of information only and does not bind the seller. Delay in delivery does not entitle you to compensation or to rescind the contract.

At the request of the buyer, the transport of the goods can be carried out, more specifically, by calling on a carrier approved by the seller, on the date foreseen at the time of the order, except in cases of force majeure (missing or damaged items…). The goods are always transported at the risk and expense of the buyer, unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise. Returns are always at the buyer’s risk and expense.

The transfer of risk for damage, destruction and disappearance with respect to the goods, shall pass at the time of delivery or shipment in case the buyer requests to ship the goods. The transfer of ownership of the goods takes place only after full payment of the agreed price by the buyer.

As long as the price has not been paid in full, the buyer is not entitled to dispose of the goods, in particular he cannot pledge them or sell them to a third party or make them available to a third party in any form and by any title. Nor can the buyer convert, alienate, transfer and/or encumber the goods.

Any mistake committed by the seller, regarding the goods delivered by the seller (such as a mistake in number or quantity) must be communicated to the seller by the buyer at the latest within 48 hours after delivery.

The seller guarantees the materials delivered in accordance with the warranty provisions of the respective manufacturer/supplier. With the expiration of its warranty period, any obligation to indemnify, any liability and any obligation of the seller to the buyer shall end. If a warranty case requires the agreement of a mechanic, the costs incurred will be charged to the buyer.

Should the buyer make any repairs or changes during the warranty period without the seller’s prior consent or have them made by others, or fail to fulfill his payment obligations, this warranty provision shall immediately lapse.

The buyer does not have the right to refuse payment on the grounds that the seller has not, not yet or not fully complied with its warranty provisions. In respect of work, repair or overhaul work carried out by the seller, unless expressly agreed otherwise, warranty is only given on the soundness of the execution of the assigned work. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the seller is only bound to fulfill the warranty obligations described in this article within the Netherlands.

The delivery time of the ordered products is within 48 hours after the payment of these is received. See also our terms of delivery.(A GOOD LINK MUST COME HERE)

Return conditions
see the following link; /return conditions (HERE MUST BE A GOOD LINK)
The buyer must notify the seller of any visible defect relating to the goods delivered, as well as any visible defect in the services provided, by registered letter within 48 hours of the delivery of the goods or provision of the services. Failing this, the buyer can no longer claim this defect.

Any hidden defect must be reported by the buyer to the seller at the latest within 8 days of its delivery. Failing this, the buyer can no longer claim this defect.

Moreover, a claim based on a hidden defect must be brought at the latest within the year following delivery, under penalty of forfeiture. If the buyer’s claims are well-founded and admissible, the seller’s obligations are limited to the replacement or repair of the nonconforming goods, or to the repair of the defect if it concerns a provision of services, at the seller’s option. The buyer will not be entitled to any other indemnification.

Under no circumstances is the seller obliged to pay compensation to the buyer for any loss or damage that the use of the products may have caused.

As long as the delivered goods have not been paid for, they remain the property of the seller.

The seller reserves the right to cancel orders, without compensation, when force majeure compromises their normal performance. Are expressly considered as cases of force majeure: strikes, lock – out, transport shortage, fire, flood, material damage, riot, war, epidemic, accident, either at the seller or at one of its suppliers, whatever the cause. This enumeration is not exhaustive.

The seller reserves the right to regard the agreement as terminated by operation of law and without prior notice of default in the event of bankruptcy, manifest insolvency, as well as in the event of any change in the buyer’s legal situation.

The seller cannot be held responsible for assembling the purchase.

Protests against the invoice must be made in writing within eight days of the invoice date.

In the event that a sale is interrupted in whole or in part as a result of a fault or shortcoming on the part of the buyer, the buyer shall be liable to pay, by way of compensation for the costs incurred and the loss of profits, liquidated damages amounting to 30% of the amount of the interrupted sale or part thereof and this without prejudice to the costs to be incurred by the seller in order to repossess the goods and restore them to their original condition.

In case of dispute, only the ruling of the court is binding.