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You can use Vibropac Service if you experience problems with removing glow plugs and / or injectors. We can solve most problems with stuck glow plugs and injectors that cannot be removed due to corrosion or other causes. We do this with years of experience, technical know-how and tools specially developed for the so-called problematic engines. This combination guarantees a 99.9% success rate.

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Not only do we remove glowplugs and injectors from all brands of diesel engines, we also specialize in the removal of all kinds of bolts that broke in the engine compartment or elsewhere due to corrosion or placing too much torque on the bolt. A.o. We regularly see cylinder head bolts and injector mounLng bolts that are
are very light. It is no problem for us to remove these bolts with our special tools.


Do not damage the glowplugs and/or injectors! Please do not try to remove them with tools that are not suitable for the job like hamers and torches. Trying to do so will lead to more damage resulting in more work for us which inevitably leads to higher costs for the client. So when encounting trouble, please contact Vibropac immediately for a successful and affordable disassembly

Do you have another problem that is not mentioned above? Do not hesitate and call us to ask for the possibilities!

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