About Vibropac

Who is Vibropac?

Vibropac B.V. is a company that specializes in developing, producing and selling special disassembly tools for the automotive industry.

Every day since 2007, we have been developing and testing tools to quickly remove glow plugs and atomizers with a 99.9% success guarantee. Quality is our top priority, and since the beginning we have developed products that allowed customers to remove glow plugs and atomizers time after time without disassembling the cylinder block.

Vibropac constantly has a large number of tools under development because the automotive industry is not sitting still either. New generations of cars, and therefore new generations of diesel engines, are constantly emerging. These tools are first extensively tested on the new diesel engines by Vibropac’s service team before they are available to customers. In fact, we aim to guarantee a 99.9% success rate for all our products when used. As a result, it is therefore possible that we already have a solution for a problem but that this tool is still in the concept or test phase. Therefore, always contact us if you are not sure if we already offer a solution. In fact, our team does not sit still and works steadily to solve every new problem that arises with the next generation of engines.

Vibropac has been a household name at many garages for more than 15 years now and has become a renowned name within the automotive industry. We provide professional tools and professional on-site service. Vibropac stands for a correct and honest way of doing business and we therefore also dare to give a 99.9% success guarantee.

In addition to selling these tools, we will also visit you on location should you not want to get your hands dirty or find it too big an investment at first. No problem, Vibropac service provides the solution for companies that don’t have the manpower, time or expertise to do it themselves. Our experts come to on location in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Do you have any questions about Vibropac, our products or our service? If so, please feel free to contact us! Looking forward to seeing you at Vibropac!