Vibropac M40

The Vibropac M40 is a compressed air driven high frequency vibrating tool that makes it possible to disassemble parts such as glow plugs and injectors. It is also possible to remove manifold bolts, wheel bolts or turbo bolts using the Vibropac M40.​

Conventional methods often fail and often cause more damage and costs than desired. The use of the Vibropac M40 together with the specially designed accessories will prevent damage resulting in a smooth disassembly and no unnecessary costs.

In short, a solution that is worth the investment. Extra costs and debt question discussions with customers are now a thing of the past. Indispensable in any modern and professional car workshop.

Why would you use the Vibropac M40?

Many problems arise with modern injected common rail diesel engines. Due to the use of different metals, contact corrosion and leakage of combustion gases, the various parts become stuck in such a way that damage-free disassembly is only possible with the Vibropac M40. Extensive testing has shown that with expert use of this patented tool a success rate of 99.9% will be achieved.

Vibropac M40 Basic set

The Vibropac M40 basic set consists of the machine with spiral air hose and foot control pedal, a vibrating rod with a special thin 10mm socket for disassembling the glow plugs, a bottle of special oil for lubrication of the machine and a torque wrench with indication of the number of Newton so that glow plugs can be unscrewed in a controlled manner without putting to much torque on the glow plug.

The set comes in a plastic case with a manual in Dutch, German or English.

Also available as multiset!

Several sockets have been added so that the set be used for more than 1 type of glow plug and thus engines. If you are interested in a multiset, please contact Vibropac so we can discuss the options regarding which sockets are necessary in your case. A multiset is tailor-made for the customer based on the needs. Note that each engine requires a different socket and it is important that the customer indicates for which type of engine he / she wants a socket.

Accessories for the Vibropac M40

Various accessories have been developed to make the Vibropac M40 as multifunctional as possible. Various sockets and vibrating rods are available that offer a solution in all common situations. All sockets can be combined with the vibrating rods due to the universal design. So you only need 1 vibrating rod for all sockets.


The Vibropac development team is continuously working on identifying problems with different type of engines. Only after extensive testing, new types and accessories will be brought onto the market. The Vibropac M40 and all its accessories can be used for many more applications in the future because the possibilities of this technology are far from exhausted.

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