Vibropac M40 Blauw/Zwart

Vibropac M40 Blauw/Zwart

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The Vibropac M40 is designed to remove glow plugs from various types of engines. The machine is driven by compressed air, which makes it vibrate with a vibrating rod. A cap is mounted on this vibration position that fits the relevant glow plug. By turning the vibropac while vibrating with the supplied torque wrench, controlled torque can be exerted on the glow plug during disassembly. 


In the case is:

  • Vibropac M40 Blue/Black
  • Torque wrench (S0201)
  • Foot pedal with hose (S0203)
  • Vibration Rod Middle (M020602)
  • Dop 10mm (M020803)
  • VB32 Oil 100ml (S0208)