VPE140 Verstuivertrekker

VPE140 Verstuivertrekker

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Injector puller suitable for Renault, Opel & Nissan with 2.0L M9R engines and  Bosch
Piezo injectors.


Note for 2.3L engines with Bosch magnet injectors:

Instead of draw spindle VPE140-07 draw spindle VPE020-70

required in combination with VPE040-25 and VPE040-26 TLP nuts.

Please indicate this when completing the order!


Basic supplies:

– Vibropac M40

Article Description
VPE140-01 Basis 1
VPE140-02 Trigger head 1
VPE140-020 Been 4
VPE140-03 Bout M8 4
VPE140-06 Vibrating shoe 1
VPE140-07 Traction spindle 1
VPE140-071 Safety brake (set) 1
VPE140-08 Dop 22mm (max. 500Nm) 1
VPE140-09 Couple beak 2
VPE040-09 Powerpac 1
VPE010-08 Nut M24 1
VPE010-06 Stepped ring 1
VPE010-07 Kogelring 1
M030334 Draw spindle nose 1
M030301 Wire former 1
M030320 Trilstang 1
M030340 sealing plug 1
M030341 Insertion pin 1
M030319 Conductor wire former 1
M030701 Lost 1
M030342 O-ring <7 tbv M030340 1
M030343 O-ring >7 tbv M030340  1